Subject: Case Study:Manatee meat sold as `pork' in (fwd)

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Subject: Manatee meat sold as `pork' in

Manatee meat sold as `pork' in Colombia

     BOGOTA (Reuter) - At least four Manatees have been caught
and killed by fishermen off Colombia's Caribbean coast over the
past month, Bogota's El Tiempo newspaper said Monday.
     It said the killings occurred near Cartagena, the country's
prime tourist resort, and added that the flesh of of the
gregarious sea mammals was being sold on local markets as
"pork" to avoid drawing the wrath of local environmentalists.
     Many Colombian cookbooks continue to include recipes for
Manatee, even though it is one of the world's most endangered
     One such cookbook, Gran Libro de la Cocina Colombiana, says
the fleshy, flippered "sea cows" boast four types of meat --
alternately similar to pork, beef, fish and tortoise -- and
recommends that all of them be deep fried.