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Subject: Institute to sell around 2,000

Institute to sell around 2,000 tons of whale meat

  TOKYO, June 25 (Kyodo) -- An institute commissioned by the Japanese
government to undertake "research whaling" has decided on specifics
of a sales plan for meat from whales it caught in the Antarctic Ocean
between last November and March, institute officials said Wednesday.
   The plan covers 1,995 tons of meat from 440 minke whales, the
largest-ever volume for sale from the whaling program, the officials of
the Institute of Cetacean Research said.
   The meat will be sold mostly to processors of canned foods, they said,
with some sold for general consumption as well as school-lunch
   They said proceeds from the sale, projected at 3.5 billion yen, will be
used to finance research.
   The wholesale price of prime-quality red meat for general consumption
will be 3,840 yen per kilogram, unchanged from the previous catch from
the North Atlantic in summer 1996, they said. The retail price will be
three times as high,they said.
   Whale meat is fetching high prices due to limited supply because
commercial whaling is banned, industry sources said.
   The institute has been selling meat from whales under what is termed
research, which is permitted under an internation treaty. The institute
says such research, commissioned by the Fisheries Agency, involves
studies on habitat and other matters related to whales.