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Subject: QLD: Dugong sanctuaries to be

QLD: Dugong sanctuaries to be in place by end of year

   BRISBANE, Aug 21 AAP - A two-tiered system of dugong sanctuaries
along the Queensland coast would be in place by the end of this
year, Primary Industries Minister Trevor Perrett told state
parliament today.
   Mr Perrett said the chain of sanctuaries, intended to protect
dugong from gill net fishing, had been finalised by the Great
Barrier Reef Ministerial Council and supported by commercial
   The proposal will define areas where gill netting will not be
allowed, and other areas where significant changes to net design
and use would safeguard dugong but still allow commercial fishing
to continue.
   "Additionally the council endorsed industry's proposal that all
net fishers be required to undertake, and be accredited in, an
endangered species awareness course," Mr Perrett said.
   An independently-chaired working group would develop
compensation packages for fishers affected by the establishment of
the sanctuary areas, including lost income over three years, a
buyout of licences in the areas and redundancy payouts for crew.
   The outcome allowed net fishing to continue in a way that also
achieved effective dugong conservation, Mr Perrett said.
   "It also ensures that those members of the fishing industry who
are displaced by the decision are adequately compensated."
   But conservationists are unhappy with the plan, which they say
will fragment the dugong sanctuaries and allow net fishing in
important dugong habitats.