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Subject: Hundreds of stranded whales di

Hundreds of stranded whales die in Falklands

    PORT STANLEY, Falkland Islands, Aug 28 (Reuter) - At least
300 pilot whales swam onto beaches and died in the Falkland
Islands in the South Atlantic, residents of the British colony
said on Thursday.
     Scientists speculated that the whales might have strayed
into the shallows after losing their navigational sense as a
result of a magnetic storm --- a sudden disturbance of the
earth's magnetic field caused by sunspot activity.
     Clive Wilkinson, a sheep farmer, counted 197 dead and dying
whales on a single Falklands beach.
     "There was nothing my wife and I could do to help the
whales. The beach was just a mass of black bodies -- it was
rather a horrific sight," he said.