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Subject: Ireland to urge ban on researc

Ireland to urge ban on research whaling

  TOKYO, Sept. 25 (Kyodo) -- Ireland will propose a ban on whaling for
research purposes at the upcoming annual meeting of the International
Whaling Commission (IWC), Japanese Fisheries Agency officials said
   Japan is the only country that currently conducts whaling for
research purposes.
   Irish officials earlier suggested that they would also propose a
total ban on whaling in the high seas, while allowing for whaling
within each nation's 200-nautical mile zone, the Japanese officials
   Unlike a previous nonbiding resolution by the United States calling
for self-restraint on whaling for research purposes, the Irish
proposal is expected to be binding if it is authorized with yes votes
from at least three quarters of the countries participating in the
   The IWC, composed of 39 member nations, is scheduled to open the
meeting in Monaco on Oct. 20.
   Should the proposal be ratified, antiwhaling pressure from
environmentalists subsequently could intensify, the officials said.
   But chances of such a ban being approved are slim, since Japan has
secured assurances of votes against it from at least one quarter of
voting members, the officials said.
   Japan gave up commercial whaling in spring 1988.
   It has been undertaking research whaling since 1987. It has since
caught roughly 400 whales in the Antarctic Ocean per year. It has
caught around 100 whales each year in the northeastern Pacific since
   Whale meat has been sold on the market by the Institute of Cetacean
Research, commissioned by the Japanese government to undertake research