Subject: Temporary capture of a Mesoplodon (fwd)

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Subject: Temporary capture of a Mesoplodon (fwd)

From: Awashima Marine park

Aloha! Here I would like to share this rare occasion of temporary capture
and release of Methoplodon in Japan.

        It happened late afternoon of 29th September about 14:45.  A local
fisherman reported the stranding of a dolphin to Awashima Marine Park. Later
staffs of the park identified one Methoplodon was swimming inside a small
harbor.  Approximate location was 138 degrees 53 minutes of east longitude
and latitude 35 degrees 02 minutes north of Japan.  Body length was about 5m
and 50 cm.  The animal had minor cuts on its lower jaw and dorsal and there
was no significant sign of sickness.  The staffs of Mito Sea Paradise were
joind rescue attempt.  Despite efforts( keep the animal out of the harbor by
a net), the animal insisted to come back towards the bank of harbor.  Quick
dicision was made and the animal was captured by a net and towed by a boat
to the far out side of the harbor.  Then the animal was released from the
net.  The animal started to swim by itself immediately and disappeared.  The
attempt ended approximately 17:15. Since then, we have not heard any
restranding of the animal.  We could not identify the sex of the animal
precisely, however we assume it was a male.  We are the under the process of
precise identification of the species of the animal, meanwhile at this
moment we presume the animal was Methoplodon carlhubbsi based on the previos
records.  We got some pictures and a video taping.

        We appreciate if anyone know information of stranding and capturing of

                                                Satoru Yamamoto
                                                University of Hawaii
                                                Awashima Marine Park

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