Subject: IWC: Russia Seeks Whaling Quota (fwd)

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Subject: Russia Seeks Whaling Quota

Russia Seeks Whaling Quota

   MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia will seek to preserve its traditional
hunters' current quota for killing whales when the International
Whaling Commission meets in Monte Carlo next week.
   Russia will ask the commission to permit the Bering Strait
Chukchi tribesmen to catch 145 whales in 1998 -- the same number as
this year, Vladimir Izmailov of the Agriculture Ministry's
fisheries department said Thursday.
   Years of illegal slaughter and the threat of extinction of some
species led to a worldwide ban of commercial whaling in 1986, but
traditional hunters were allowed to continue killing the whales for
   A legal loophole also allowed Japan and Norway to kill the
whales for scientific reasons.