Subject: NAMMA:Newsletter of The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Association

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Subject: Newsletter of The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Association

The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Association (NAMMA) is an organization with
a current membership of approximately 260 scientists, educators, naturalists,
whale watch company owners, and others interested in marine mammal research,
conservation, and related issues.  Membership is open to any interested
person, regardless of geographic location.  Current participation spans from
Canada to the Caribbean and Greenland to Hawaii.  Founded in 1980, the
Association has sponsored a series of meetings and symposia that have focused
on such issues as  entanglements, whale watching regulations, pelagic
ecosystems, and the ecology of humpback whales in the North Atlantic.  NAMMA
has provided members with a newsletter as a means of posting announcements,
sharing and seeking information and ideas, and announcing research plans and

The editors of the Newsletters of The North Atlantic Marine Mammal
Association are seeking written contributions for the forthcoming issue, now
in preparation.  News of current work, published papers, new books, proposed
projects, current issues, educational ideas and news, upcoming events
(conferences, symposiums, meetings), reports on past gatherings, personal
milestones, personal news: births, marriages, adoptions, memoriums are all
welcome.   Announcements of special or extended cruises, notice of items
wanted or items for sale are also accepted.
News of activities from beyond the North Atlantic is encouraged.

Contributions can be faxed to (207) 361-2823, e-mailed directly to
or mailed to NAMMA at Post Office Box 255, Cape Neddick, Maine 03902 USA.
 Telephone (207) 361-1605.   A mid-November deadline is anticipated.

Contributors new to NAMMA should include the following where applicable:
 affiliation, a full and permanent mailing address, e-mail address, a fax
number and telephone number.

Veteran members:  Please update all addresses and numbers for the mailing
list AND the NAMMA ListServe.

Thanks...Scott Mercer and Cynthia Bierman, Editors