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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 97 13:34:00 GMT 
Subject: Children take Save the Whales

Children take Save the Whales message to Blair

  By Amanda Brown, Environment Correspondent, PA News
   Prime Minister Tony Blair was today being asked by schoolchildren
to keep a ban on the commercial slaughter of whales.
   Youngsters from Merdon Junior School at Chandler's Ford in
Hampshire were delivering more than 100 pictures to 10 Downing Street.
   Their visit comes on the eve of the annual International Whaling
Commission talks in Monaco, where the Irish will propose allowing a
limited coastal whale catch.
   The deal would close a loophole under which whaling nations Japan
and Norway currently legally kill "scientific" quotas of Minke whales
and other rare species, and it would also set up a global whale
   Abuse of the scientific quota system has led to a doubling of whale
catches in recent years to satisfy demand for whale meat -- an
expensive delicacy in Japanese restaurants.
   Environmental groups opposed to the cruel slaughter want the IWC
to throw out the Irish plans, which they see as a disaster.
   Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Elliot Morley MP, who has
growing doubts about the proposal, will be at the talks next week.
   Today nine-year-old Samuel Russell Seeley said: "We hope Mr Blair
will tell them to stop killing whales. We think it is very cruel and
should not be allowed as the whales will go extinct.
   "When we grow up we want whales to be alive in the sea. We are
here for all children. We want the Prime Minister to listen because
we still care about the whales and so should he."