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Subject: Britian joins talks on plan to

Britian joins talks on plan to re-start Whaling

  By Amanda Brown, Environment Correspondent, PA News
   Britain will today be urged to back an Irish plan to re-start
commercial whaling at international talks in Monaco.
   The highly controversial proposal to be debated by nations
belonging to the International Whaling Commission has been condemned
by environmentalists as "disastrous".
   It would enable Japan and Norway to catch whales within 200 miles
of their coastlines but in return would mean closing a loophole that
has allowed them to catch "scientific quotas" of Minke and other
endangered species.
   A global whale sanctuary would also be established.
   Commercial slaughter has been banned worldwide since 1986.
   But the scientific catch limits have been repeatedly broken and
Japan and Norway continue to kill Minkes to meet the demands of
restaurants which regard whale meat as a delicacy.
   Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Elliot Morley, who plans to
attend the talks, is unhappy about the 200 mile-coastal limit, last
week describing it as "absolutely unacceptable".
   But environmentalists warn the vast majority of whales spend some
time in coastal waters so the Irish plan could expose virtually the
entire worldwide population to hunting.