Subject: Whale dies after 12-hour battl (fwd)

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Subject: Whale dies after 12-hour battl

Whale dies after 12-hour battle

PA News
  A beached whale died half an hour before the tide was high enough to
get it back to sea.
   Experts battled for over 12 hours yesterday to save the 20ft pilot
whale, nicknamed Pontious, which had come ashore at Beadnell Bay,
   A team from the British Divers Marine Rescue Unit flew up in a
specially-chartered plane from Kent to oversee the operation to
refloat Pontious.
   Mark Stevens, a director of the BDMRU, said the whale was
   He added: "We are very disappointed for the animal, but we can walk
away and say we did our best."
   The whale was discovered at 11.30am by windsurfer Paul Mesens from
Hull, who called the Coastguard. As the tide went out, Pontious became
   RSPCA Inspector Yasmin Jukes said: "It's very upsetting to spend a
whole day and a lot of effort for it to die."
   It is not known what caused Pontious to become stranded but it is
believed that his sonar was impaired by infection.