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Subject: Malignant tumors found in 5 dolphins

I found this article on today's HeraldLink (Miami Herald's Paper on line -
out of Miami, Florida  I thought you
might find it interesting.  I have pasted  the entire article below.

- Holli

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Malignant tumors found in 5 dolphins

Malignant tumors, next to unheard of in dolphins, were found in five
dolphins around South Florida within two years.

University of Miami veterinarian Gregory Bossart and seven colleagues
described the first cases of immunoblastic lymphoma in dolphins in the
October issue of the Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation.

``To see five cases of this type of malignancy over this short a time is
very worrisome,'' Bossart said of the 1994-96 findings.

One of the sick dolphins had been killed by a shark, another was caught
in a fishing net and two had beached. The free-ranging dolphins were
discovered on both sides of the peninsula.

The fifth was diagnosed while in captivity.

Researchers are trying to determine whether the rapidly spreading
tumors were caused by pollution or other environmental changes in the
ocean, contagious disease or genetic flaws, Bossart said.

Immunoblastic lymphoma has long been found in humans, dogs, cats,
sheep, horses and cows, researchers wrote, and in those creatures it
spreads rapidly.

Researchers know that in dolphins it spreads to the same organs --
commonly the liver and spleen -- as in other species. Researchers hope
to chart the rate of progression if they find other dolphins with the

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