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Subject: BRF--Manatee Deaths

BRF--Manatee Deaths

   FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) -- Six manatees found dead in a four-day
stretch could indicate a repeat of a red tide that decimated the
magnificent sea cows just a year ago.
   The manatees were discovered from Thursday to Sunday in the
Caloosahatchee River area, where a new red tide outbreak has
occurred, state officials said.
   Scientists are conducting necropsies to determine what killed
   "At this moment we do not have the details. But obviously there
is a concern that it could be similar to what has occurred
before," said Wendy Quigley, a spokeswoman for Florida Marine
Research Institute in St. Petersburg.
   Red tide, a poisonous algae that frequently blooms in the Gulf
of Mexico, killed 149 manatees in Southwest Florida in 1996, when a
record 425 died from various causes.