Subject: Orca:'Free Willy' Whale Gets Health (fwd)

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Subject: 'Free Willy' Whale Gets Health

'Free Willy' Whale Gets Health Test

   NEWPORT, Ore. (AP) -- Can a killer whale say ahhh?
   Keiko of "Free Willy" fame will be poked and prodded by marine
experts in an effort to settle -- once and for all -- the controversy
over his health.
   A battery of tests, beginning with a blood test Saturday, will
be evaluated at the Laboratory for Marine Mammal Immunology at the
School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California at Davis.
   The results will be made available to a blue-ribbon panel of
veterinary and marine mammal experts being convened by the U.S.
Department of Agriculture.
   Keiko has a respiratory ailment described as similar to
bronchitis in humans. He also has tapeworms, believed to have been
caused by the presence of fish swimming in his tank.
   In recent months, keepers added live fish to his tank trying to
teach him to hunt. But so far, all he does is fetch them for his