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Three Stranded Dolphins Are Rescued

   FALMOUTH, Mass. (AP) -- Oceanographers found 10 dolphins stranded
at low tide in knee-deep water off Cape Cod. Rescuers saved three
by trucking them to a beach with deeper water, but the rest died.
   The dolphins were first spotted Saturday in Buzzards Bay, which
was unusual for this time of year.
   By Sunday, the New England Aquarium in Boston learned they were
stranded, and arranged the rescue with the Woods Hole Oceanographic
Institute and the International Wildlife Coalition.
   Five of the 10 dolphins were stranded too far out to reach, and
were found dead.
   Wearing wet suits and hip waders against the chilly waters, the
rescuers removed the five living dolphins to take them by truck to
Old Silver Beach for release.
   One dolphin died en route, and another was euthanized because of
its poor condition. The other three were released into the ocean.