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Subject: ORBIMAGE Begins SeaStar Fisher

ORBIMAGE Begins SeaStar Fisheries Information Services

  High-Seas Fishing Vessels Benefit From Fish Finding Maps Derived
                 From OrbView-2 Satellite Imagery

    DULLES, Va., Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Orbital Imaging Corporation
(ORBIMAGE), the Earth-imaging subsidiary of Orbital Sciences
Corporation (Nasdaq: ORBI), today announced the inauguration of its
SeaStar Fisheries Information Service, which offers daily Fish
Finding Maps, derived from satellite images of the world's oceans,
to high-seas fishing fleets and to other fishing organizations.
ORBIMAGE is currently a trial demonstration of its unique service,
with full commercial operations set to begin on January 15, 1998.
    ORBIMAGE's SeaStar Fisheries Information Service is the first
of its kind in the world.  It uses imagery gathered from ORBIMAGE's
OrbView-2 satellite to create Fish Finding Maps that display the
ocean's changing surface color. These subtle variations in ocean
color, stretching for hundredsof miles, indicate the boundary
between phytoplankton-rich water and deep, clear-water areas where
surface dwelling fish such as tuna, mackerel, and swordfish normally
feed.  Using the daily Fish Finding Map, a fishing vessel's search
time for productive fishing areas is minimized, thereby reducing
fleet costs and improving operating efficiency.
    Currently, a fleet of 50 fishing vessels are receiving SeaStar
Fish Finding Maps.  Each day, by 6:00 a.m. local time, the Fish
Finding Maps are transmitted directly to the fishing vessels'
on-board personal computers via the INMARSAT global satellite
communications network.  Using display software provided by
ORBIMAGE, the fishing vessel captain is provided with the most
up-to-date imagery of the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Oceans.  In
addition, ORBIMAGE's oceanographers provide recommendations for
the most productive fishing areas.  The maps are also available via
facsimile transmission or over the Internet at
    The OrbView-2 satellite was launched aboard Orbital's
Pegasus(R) rocket on August 1, 1997.  Since it was placed into
service in mid-August, the spacecraft has performed a virtually
flawless mission.  It is providing never-before-seen color images
of the Earth's ocean and land surfaces using the on-board
Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor.  These images not only have
commercial applications, but are being used by scientific
researchers around the world to study global warming and the
Earth's biosphere.
    ORBIMAGE is leading Orbital's entry into the expanding market
for satellite-based Earth imaging services.  ORBIMAGE will employ
a uniquely integrated global system of imaging satellites, ground
stations and Internet-based sales channels to collect, process and
distribute its imagery products. During the next several years,
ORBIMAGE plans to operate a fleet of four satellites.  ORBIMAGE
currently operates OrbView-1, a commercial atmospheric monitoring
satellite launched in 1995, and OrbView-2.  Initial phases of
construction for OrbView-3A, the third in ORBIMAGE's satellite
family, have already begun, with an expected in-service date of
approximately two years from now.  OrbView-3A is designed to
provide high-quality one-meter resolution and hyperspectral
digital images of the Earth's land surfaces.  OrbView-3B is
another planned high-resolution digital imaging satellite with
an in-service date yet to be determined.
    Note:  To learn more about ORBIMAGE, visit the Internet site at