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The following new publication may be of interest to Marmamers:

Mignucci-Giannoni AA, Toyos-Gonzalez GM, Perez-Padilla J, Montoya-Ospina R
FOR PUERTO RICO AND THE VIRGIN ISLANDS. Caribbean Journal of Science 33
(3=AD4), 288=AD292.=20

An summary of the contribution follows:

An osteological collection of marine mammals provides a source of valuable
information for researchers and is often used for academic teaching and
education. Skeletal remains are used in systematics, to determine the
physical maturity of specimens, and in documenting injuries, illnesses and
abnormalities. This contribution notifies the scientific and academic
community of the establishment of such a collection at the University of
Puerto Rico Biology Museum, Rio Piedras Campus. To create the collection,
the Caribbean Stranding Network (CSN) collected between 1989 and 1995
skeletal remains from animals stranded in waters of Puerto Rico and the
Virgin Islands. Additionally, location and catalog numbers of previously
collected specimens were requested from oth-er museums and collections to
prepare a list of skeletal voucher material available from the
Northeastern Caribbean. We collected 79 marine mammal specimens and found
a total of 25 specimens from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands catalogued
in collections throughout the world, including 32 West Indian manatees, 71
cetaceans, and one phocid. Of the specimens listed, 32 are complete
skeletons, 72 are partial skeletons or skeletal parts, and 77 are skulls.
In the University of Puerto Rico collection, 18 species and 74 specimens
are catalogued, including 25 West Indian manatees, 53 cetaceans, and 1
phocid. Of the specimens listed, 29 are complete skeletons, 50 are partial
skeletons or skeletal parts, and 58 are skulls. The collection at the
University of Puerto Rico is the first dedicated and curated marine mammal
collection for the Caribbean. It will help researchers and the scientific
community, both local and international, to study and better understand
this protected and endangered Caribbean fauna.=20

Reprints may be obtained electronically by visiting and going into "The CJS
Online!" to download an Acrobat Reader copy of the publication. Otherwise,
reprints may be obtained by contacting the first author.=20

Dr. Antonio A. Mignucci-Giannoni
Scientific Coordinator-Caribbean Stranding Network
Assistant Professor-University of Puerto Rico
PO Box 38030 San Juan PR 00937 USA
Tel 787-766-0000 x4878, 787-767-8009, Fax 787-764-2610, 787-767-8009
Emergencies 787-399-8432, 787-402-2337 (unit 990-0440)
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