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Subject: 5 Sperm Whales Die on Danish I

5 Sperm Whales Die on Danish Island

   COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- Five sperm whales were found dead
Thursday around a Danish North Sea island, and biologists struggled
to save eight more from stranding in the same place.
   The dead whales had been stranded on the beach and in shallow
waters around Romoe, an island 200 miles southwest of Copenhagen
where 16 sperm whales got stuck and died last March.
   Fearing a repetition of last year's tragedy, Danish biologists
hopped into boats Wednesday to try to herd the flock of 13 whales
away from the island.
   However, five whales were found dead today and the others were
either stuck or swimming towards the island, a popular summer
resort area that is largely unpopulated during the winter.
   Four whales were stuck half a mile from the beach, while others
were stranded in shallow water farther out.
   "It's going to be a long day. Tomorrow too," Svend Tougaard,
chief of the rescue effort, said today. "We have towed some of the
others out to sea, but they are coming back."
   The rescue operation was suspended this evening, but was to
resume at daylight Friday.
   Sperm whales can grow up to 65 feet and weigh up to 50 tons.
Tougaard said most of those stranded appeared to young males
roaming apart from their flock.
   Last week, five other sperm whales were found dead along the
coast of the Netherlands.