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Subject: Endangered White-flag Dolphins

Endangered White-flag Dolphins Found in Yangtze River

   BEIJING (Dec. 9) XINHUA - Chinese scientists have found more
than 20 white-flag dolphins during one week of monitoring the Yangtze
   White-flag dolphins, a rare mammal found only in the Yangtze, is
one of the most endangered cetacean mammals in the world. Less than
100 are believed to be alive. White-flag dolphins are under
first-degree national protection for wildlife in China.
   About 500 researchers traced white-flag dolphins and black finless
porpoises simultaneously along the middle and lower reaches of the
Yangtze River, China's longest. This is the first time that monitoring
work was done at the same time in different sections of the river.
   The researchers found eight white-flag dolphins on the first day of
monitoring, according to sources from the Chinese Academy of Sciences
(CAS), and more on succeeding days in Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui and
Jiangsu provinces.
   Many more black finless porpoises were traced. Researchers even
found groups of newborn black finless porpoises in Poyang Lake in
Jiangxi Province and in some sections of the Yangtze River.
   "It shows that there is a vigorous complementary colony for black
finless porpoises," said one CAS researcher who took part in the
monitoring work.
   Black finless porpoises, under second-degree national protection
for wildlife, are dispersed over China's coastal areas, middle and
lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and northeast China's Yalujiang
River. The black finless porpoises living in the Yangtze River are
considered a relatively independent variety.