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Subject: 10 More Whales Die on Danish I

10 More Whales Die on Danish Isle

   COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- At least 10 sperm whales have died
this week on a western Danish island, bringing to 19 the number
that have died recently along North Sea coastlines, a Danish
biologist said Friday.
   Biologist Svend Tougaard was leading attempts Friday to rescue a
flock of 13 sperm whales that had become stranded on the northern
tip of Romoe, a summer resort island 200 miles southwest of
   "Two of the 13 whales have disappeared at sea and one is
struggling to survive off Romoe," Tougaard told The Associated
Press, speaking from a boat trying to herd the whales away from the
   The young whales got lost on their way south from Arctic waters
and swam east of Scotland instead of west, Tougaard said. No reason
for the confusion was given.
   Last week, five sperm whales were found dead along the Dutch
coast, two others died in shallow waters in northern Germany and
two more died in Britain.
   In 1996, at least 24 sperm whales died along the Scottish
coastline and Romoe. In all cases, they were young males roaming
apart from their flock.
   The giant sea mammals can grow to 65 feet and weigh up to 55