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Subject: Japan Town Adds Whale to Lunch

Japan Town Adds Whale to Lunch

   TOKYO (AP) -- In an effort to pass on Japanese traditions,
officials in one southern city have announced an addition to the
school lunch menu: whale meat.
   The whale meat will be offered early next year on a special
one-day menu for 25,000 elementary and junior high school students
in Shimonoseki, said a city official who spoke on condition of
   The plan is designed to inculcate a sense of pride in
Shimonoseki's historical role as a major port for Antarctic whaling
ships, the official said. The city is on the Sea of Japan, 520
miles southwest of Tokyo.
   Arikawa, a small town on Japan's southern island of Kyushu,
already uses whale meat dishes for school lunch several times a
   Japanese children were regularly served whale meat for lunch up
until late 1950s, but the meat was gradually removed from school
menus amid international criticism against commercial whaling.
   Japan has agreed to an international ban on whaling, but
continues to allow limited whale hunting for research purposes.
Meat from the slain whales is often sold at fish markets.