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Subject: Red tide blamed for manatee de

Red tide blamed for manatee deaths

   NAPLES, Fla., Dec. 11 (UPI) -- The bodies of 16 manatees found dead
on beaches in three counties in southwest Florida worried research
scientists that man-made pollution might be the culprit.
   After a month of tests on the tissue of the dead manatees
scientists have confirmed a red tide algae bloom that drifted in
from the Gulf of Mexico killed the huge mammals.
   The algae affects the nervous systems of manatees eventually
suffocating them, but researchers feel they are closing in a
therapies to help manatees fight off the effect of red tide.
   Scientists are still trying to find the answer to how long the
toxin accumulatees in manatee tisue and what happens to it once it
gets into certain organs.
   In 1996, red tide was blamed for the deaths of 149 sea cows on the
same shores of southwest Florida.