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Subject: MarmamNews in October 1997

The following articles were uploaded to MarmamNews in October 1997.
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   Norway Whale Hunter Joins Politics
   'Willy' the whale is sick

   QLD: Hinchinbrook protesters risk arrest says Williams

   Why a Scottish aquarium outranks Buckingham Palace
   CRTC: Decision CRTC 97-570
   NMFS: Final rule - California/Oregon drift gillnet fishery
   Statement from James E. Brumm, Executive Vice ...

   'Free Willy' star's health questioned
   APN--Orca Obsession
   QLD: Hinchinbrook protest peaceful

   'Free Willy' star gets check-up

   QLD: Fund wants all Sandy Strait wetlands protected
   Dispute Over Famous Whale's Health

   QLD: Another Cape York Native Title Land Claim
   NZ volunteers battle to save stranded whale pod
   On Tape: Killer Whale Kills Shark
   FED: Government to consider Biodiversity Act: Hill
   Whale's Owners and Keepers Battle Over Keiko's Health

   Whales beach again in NZ after rescue attempt

   Britain may back whaling - to save the whale
   International Whaling Commission Expected to

   QLD: Environment group casts doubt over special lease
   Japan Group Calls for U.K., New Zealand, U.S. to ...
   Keiko's pool gets clean bill of health

   Chukotka delegation leaves for Monaco to seek
   U.S. legal expert finds IWC's whale sanctuary measure illegal
   Britain going cool on plan to re-start whaling
   Britain Backs Off Whaling Plan

   Nations ready for battle at whaling summit
   Environmentalists slam Irish whale compromise plan
   Environment-Amazon: Clinton Free Trade Message ...
   Russia Seeks Whaling Quota

   Battle rages over future of "Free Willy" whale
   Don't be bullied into lifting whaling ban

   Ireland aims to end deadlock with whale hunt plan
   SA: New Ferry for Kangaroo Island Service
   HSUS, Environmental Groups Criticize NMFS Whale Plan
   Children take Save the Whales message to Blair
   Suits Aims To Block Tribal Whaling
   US, Argentina Agree on Climate Plan

   Britian joins talks on plan to re-start Whaling
   UPI Science News
   Rescued seal recovers in Sanctuary

   IWC squabbles pose big risks to whales -Rainier
   Cayman Dolphin Swim Draws Protests
   Bickering risks more whale deaths - Rainier
   Japan and Norway `Defying Whale Killing Ban' - Greenpeace
   Whaling Commission Opens Meeting
   University of Southampton: An uncommon rescue for ...

   Pregnant Beluga Whale at Shedd Aquarium
   IWC meeting hears proposal for global whale sanctuary
   Aquarium expecting baby whale
   U.S. stirs controversy with whale hunt request
   Point Defiance Zoo & Shedd Aquarium Announce Beluga Whale Pregnancy
   Ireland proposes some limited coastal whaling
   US Tribe Seeks To Revive Whale Hunt
   Japan to use rifles instead of electric rods
   Ireland strives to sell controversial whaling plan
   Fed: Senate Business
   Japan blocked in bid for secret whaling votes
   Canada seal hunters targeted in U.S. ad campaign
   El Nino blamed for Alaska bird deaths

   U.S. seeks controversial whale hunt quota
   Ozone Gap `Deadly as harpoon' for whales
   U.S. Opposed on Makah Whaling
   U.S. whale hunt request triggers outcry at IWC
   FWS: New fund to benefit polar bear conservation

   Batch of whale meat to go on sale
   US wins whale-hunting quota for Makah Indians
   FED: Senate Program - 10/23/97
   Japanese Whaling bid rejected
   Whalers told shoot first, lance for last resort
   IWC clears way for tribe to resume whaling

   300 tonnes of whale meat delivered for sale to Japan
   Blue whale may be coming back from near-extinction
   Ireland gauges support for compromise whaling plan
   Japan puts 300 tonnes of whale meat on sale
   Whaling Panel Split on Some Hunting
   Anti-whaling group rethinks ban, seeks compromise

   Whale dies after 12-hour battle

   FED: Whale meat, no thanks
   Endangered Dugongs

   IWC Review Concludes Japanese Whale Research
   Japan Whaling Association Statement on IWC Credibility
   Dolphins can help my tragic son

   World whaler commission establishes quotas for

   UK to back phasing out of drift-nets
   Environment: Global Warming's different...
   Moscow hails whaling quota for Chukotka, Alaska ...

   Florida manatee freed from storm water pipe
   EU ministers agree fish conservation measures