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Subject: Nine pilot whales beached on F

Nine pilot whales beached on Florida east coast

    FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) - Nine pilot whales beached
themselves on Florida's east coast Monday, the second such
beaching in two weeks.
     Five of the whales died and one was transferred to
Marineland, a tourist attraction in nearby St. Augustine with
veterinary facilities for large sea mammals.
     "It appears the bull of the pod got sick and came ashore.
The others just followed him," said Lori Welsh, one of the
volunteers working throughout the day to keep the beached whales
wet and comfortable and their blowholes free of sand and debris.
     "We can see other whales right off the beach that haven't
come ashore yet," Welsh said. "But we're worried that we'll
find more tomorrow morning."
     The volunteers hoped that at least one more of the surviving
whales could be transported to Sea World, an Orlando attraction
with appropriate facilities. But as the whales grow weaker, the
chance of surviving such a journey decrease.
   "You try to get to the young ones quickly, the ones you
assume are in the best health and will handle the transport best
and respond to the antibiotics or whatever the veterinarians
order," said Robin Friday, general manager of Marineland.
     Marineland already is caring for two surviving pilot whales
that beached themselves about 100 miles to the south Jan. 1.
They are the only survivors of the seven that were beached.
     Friday said that whales can sometimes be returned to the
ocean after becoming beached, but the survival rate is low.