Subject: Interns: Opportunities for Benign Cetacean Research (fwd)

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Subject: Opportunities for Benign Cetacean Research

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is able to offer a limited
number of opportunities each year for young scientists and students to gain
experience of conducting benign research with whales and dolphins through
its internship scheme.  Interns typically join IFAW's research vessel "Song
of the Whale" as members of the research team, for a period of around three
weeks.  IFAW normally supports interns by covering three quarters of their
expenses.   In addition, there will be some opportunities for young
scientists to be involved in the analysis of data collected on "Song of the
Whale", or possibly to complete their own data analysis, at "Song of the
Whale's" shore base in Oxford.

Internships are open to applicants from all disciplines including
mathematics, physics, humanities as well as biology and is not limited to
the chronologically "young".  Experience of working at sea in small boats
is also relavent.

Potential applicants should first look at the "Song of the Whale" home page
( to get a flavour of the vessel's work.
During the summer of 1998 "Song of the Whale" should be working off the
East Coast of the USA and Canada studying right whales and harbour

Applicants should send a letter and CV to:
Dr Jonathan Gordon
"Song of the Whale",
1a Howard Street,
Oxford OX4 1AY.  UK