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Subject: NZ southern right whale press release (fwd)

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A clarification for those of you that felt compelled to comment on the
Press release:

I was misquoted on a number of issues:

1) I never said the whales where GENETICALLY distinct from Argentina and
South A frica.  Our work does show that they are distinct from Western
Australia.  So nobody wor ry, I haven't been working on samples I don't

2) I was misquoted on the number of srw in the Southern Hemisphere as
well- not a few hundred- I said probably in the low thousands- never mind

3) I never said I worked on North Atlantic rights in ALASKA!!! I said I
had work ed in Alaska, and I was wearing a North Atlantic Right Whale
t-shirt during the interv iew.

On the other hand I did say the mushy bit about right whales.  I thought a
touch of sentimentality would be good for the overly severe impression the
public has of scientists. I probably will never live it down.

And I did say that they beat humpbacks any day.  Which I think they do!
Anybody in their 'right' minds know that!



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