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Subject: Sea lions in Peru

Sea lions in Peru

By The Associated Press
   LIMA, Peru (AP) -- The number of sea lions on Peru's coast has
dropped sharply due to El Nino, which has reduced the food supply
and caused many sea lions to starve, Peru's Ocean Institute said
   Milena Arias, the institute's scientific director, said 11,000
sea lions were found on Peru's coast in December, down from 25,000
a year before.
   The bodies of 50 sea lions have been found in the past three
days on the beaches of the San Juan nature reserve near Ica, 160
miles southeast of Lima, biologists say.
   El Nino is a periodic warming of waters off Peru's coast that
changes weather patterns around the world.
   It devastates Peru's lucrative fishing industry, as schools of
anchovies and other cold water fish flee the warm water. Sea lions
live mainly on anchovies, Arias said.