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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 98 12:32:00 GMT 
Subject: FOCUS-Three whales stranded on

FOCUS-Three whales stranded on north German coast

    (Adds quote from national parks spokesman)
     HAMBURG, Jan 23 (Reuters) - Three sperm whales have been
found washed up on Germany's North Sea coast, a nature reserve
official said on Friday.
     A spokesman for the National Parks Agency in the northern
town of Toenning said the animals were found stranded on the
beach by the nearby coastal village of St Peter Ording.
     "They are dying. There's nothing we can do to refloat them.
We are simply trying to hold people away so that they can die in
peace, unlike those others in Denmark," agency official Helmut
Grimm told Reuters.
     A group of 16 sperm whales died late last year after being
washed up on a nearby North Sea island in southern Denmark,
attracting crowds of onlookers.
     Grimm said he understood that boats manned by members of the
environmental group Greenpeace were trying to ward off two more
whales from the beach for fear they might also be stranded.