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Subject: Internship Opportunities (fwd)

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      This is to inform interested parties of the graduate and volunteer
interns hip programs at the Congressional Research Service, especially
those applicable to fisheries, marine mammals, and marine science.  CRS is
one of three support agencies of the U.S. Congress, providing objective,
non-partisan public policy analysis.  Generally, we seek individuals for
these internships who are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program
at an accredited college or university.  Information on these programs can
be obtained from:

     I anticipate beginning work on anticipated 106th Congress (1999-2000)
debate on reauthorization and possible amendment of both the Marine Mammal
Protection Act and the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and
Management Act during the next year as well as other projects, and am
seeking interns to assist with this work.  If at all possible, I would
love to b e able to support such work under CRS's summer Graduate Recruit
program, which provides a stipend for interns.  The position in our
Environment and Natural Resources Policy Section is listed under the
"environmental policy"  link, as a "Natural Resource Policy Analyst."  If
I do not qualify for a positio n under this program (funds are limited), I
will be seeking interns under the Volunteer Internship program
(unfortunately no stipend).  While the summer 1998 Graduate Recruit
program has fairly firm deadlines for application (late February 1998),
the volunteer internship program is on-going year-round with no specific
application deadlines.

    The CRS contact for more information on the programs generally is
provided on the Web Page cited above.  For specific questions about my
need for interns, send me an inquiry via e-mail (  I
also will be glad to provide e-mail addresses of former interns who have
worked with me and who can provide more details about their experience
working with me and at CRS.  Please excuse the cross-postings of this
one-time notice.

                               Gene Buck, senior analyst
                               Congressional Research Service


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