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Subject: Beached Dolphins Die at Cape C

Beached Dolphins Die at Cape Cod

   WELLFLEET, Mass. (AP) -- Dozens of white-sided dolphins that may
have been forced ashore by stormy seas and high tides have died at
Cape Cod.
   By late Thursday, at least 35 animals had been euthanized or
died of exposure on the beaches, said David Wiley, a scientist with
the International Wildlife Coalition.
   More stranded dolphins were expected to be found today.
   The dolphins, which usually swim in large groups, may have been
driven ashore by unusually high tides caused by a new moon and
stormy coastal weather, said Sue Knapp, a spokeswoman for the New
England Aquarium.
   Rescue workers were called to Wellfleet early Thursday to assist
four stranded dolphins, and volunteers eventually herded about 20
animals back out to sea. But through the day, beached dolphins were
spotted across the cape, and rescuers from the aquarium, the Center
for Coastal Studies and the coalition rushed to help.
   Veterinarians in inflatable boats euthanized other dolphins in
Brewster and Eastham after determining that the animals were too
sick to be saved, Knapp said.