Subject: Dolphin death toll mounts on Cape Cod

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Subject: Dolphin death toll mounts on C

Dolphin death toll mounts on Cape Cod

   WELLFLEET, Mass., Jan. 30 (UPI) -- Marine experts and volunteers
scoured the marshes and inlets along Cape Cod, Mass., in hopes of
saving at least some of the dolphins apparently driven ashore by high
tides from a large storm at sea.
   Officials say 50 of the Atlantic white-sided dolphins have died so
far, and fears mounted today that virtually all the stranded mammals
will perish before rescuers can get them back into deeper water so
they can swim out to sea.
   The massive rescue effort was mounted Thursday after dozens of the
dolphins were found on beaches and muddy tidal flats, and in shallow
inlets in four towns along Cape Cod Bay -- Dennis, Yarmouth, Eastham
and Wellfleet.
   Experts say it appears the pod of dolphins was driven ashore
Wednesday night by a large storm off the coast that generated
extremely high tides.
   On Thursday, the problem "just kept growing all day," according to
Edward Lyman of the Center for Coastal Studies inProvincetown.
   Rescuers say they were able to drive some dolphins back out to sea,
but most were stuck too deeply in the mud to save, and many had to be
destroyed to end their suffering.
   White-sided dolphins are not considered endangered or threatened.