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Subject: Rescuers Try To Save Dolphins

Rescuers Try To Save Dolphins

   WELLFLEET, Mass. (AP) -- Rescuers struggled in cold, windy
weather and rough seas Friday to save dozens of dolphins off of
Cape Cod, where more than 50 of the animals have died in the past
two days.
   White-striped dolphins began beaching themselves here Thursday
morning. Many died from exposure, and others were euthanized.
   Seven dolphins from a group of 20 that had been herded back to
sea Thursday were found beached again Friday morning -- a common
occurrence in mass strandings, said Susan Gedutis, a spokeswoman
for the New England Aquarium.
   "Nobody knows really why animals strand like this," Gedutis
said. "The theory is, because they move in social groups, they
think in social groups. When one or two get sick and go ashore,
sometimes the whole pod will follow them in."
   An alternate theory holds that the dolphins may have been driven
ashore by unusually high tides caused by a new moon and stormy
coastal weather.
   Scientists and rescuers havetaken blood and tissue samples from
several of the animals to test for disease.
   Rescuers were able to herd out more than a dozen dolphins but
were unsure whether the animals would stay in deep water.
   "They're very disoriented, very confused. But with a falling
tide and a current they can ride on, we feel that getting them out
into deeper water will get them back to the sea," said Peter
Trull, education director at the Center for Coastal Studies.