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Subject: MarmamNews for January 1998

The following articles were uploaded to MarmamNews in January 1998.
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   1998 Expected to be a Bad Year for the Dolphins

   Irish Whaling Compromise Condemned
   Bathers beat shark to death in South Africa
   Scientists call for urgent action on oceans
   Dead dolphins wash up on Caribbean island
   90 Dolphins Die on Venezuelan Beach
   Environment-Oceans: Scientists say sea life  "In ...
   Dolphins Aground and Die In Mass In Venezuela
   Weldon calls for White House Conference on the Seas

   FED: Aust to oppose Irish proposal on Whaling

   TAS: Mystery Sea Monster to be DNA-tested
   Arbitrator rules on Keiko's care

   UAE fighting to contain 4,000-tonne Gulf oil spill
   Environment-Gulf: Oil spill threatens Persian Gulf ...

   QLD: Sanctuaries will save endangered dugong

   TAS: Scientist confirms that "Monster" is whale blubber
   Britain-Endangered Seas
   Nine pilot whales beached on Florida east coast
   CSIRO: Scientists kill marine 'monster' mystery

   Environment: Super Trawler threatens marine food

   New Zealand's 'extinct' right whale rediscovered
   Ecuador Expands No-Fishing Zone

   NSW: Three whales stranded on NSW coast
   VIC: Dolphin survey covers Port Phillip Bay
   Sea lions in Peru
   Restriction on Tuna Drift Net Fishing
   New Zealand Finds Extinct Whales

   NSW: Beached whales euthanised after their health worsens

   Prince Philip gives boost to whale campaign
   Concern about boats, jet skis as whales visit Wellington Harbour

   Police concerned as motorists try to catch glimpse of Orcas
   Second dolphin dies at Puponga

   Pollution, not hunting, is whale's greatest threat
   Children 'Adopt' trapped dolphin
   `Free Willy' Could Go Back to Sea

   Last dolphin dies in golden Bay
   FOCUS-Three whales stranded on north German coast
   3 Beached Whales Die in Germany
   Six Whales Stranded off Northern German Coast, 3 Died

   Huge pod of dolphins visit Dunedin Beach

   PHOTO: Germany - Whales: Sankt Peter Ording, Germany

   Project Launched in Zanzibar to Protect Dolphins
   Seal aphrodisiacs often fake -Canadian researchers
   PHOTO: Whales: Terranceville, Newfoundland
   PHOTO: Whales: Terranceville, Newfoundland

   Whaling Commission to meet in bid to end impasse
   Clinton Proclamation of the Year of the Ocean
   Campaign group fears for future of whales

   Hundreds of rare sea lion pups found dead at breeding colony
   Unknown catastrophe wipes out sea lions
   Warning against speculation over sea lion deaths
   Call for halt to fishing until seal investigation completed
   Whaling Commission to meet in bid to end impasse
   `Free Willy' Star in Good Health
   Sea lions shot, decapitated off California coast
   Sea Lions Found Dead Off Antarctica
   Hundreds of sea lion deaths baffle NZ experts

   More seals die in Subantartic
   Deaths treated as Biohazard
   Dolphin death toll mounts on Cape Cod
   WWF campaigns for Mediterranean whale sanctuary
   Dolphin death toll mounts on Cape Cod
   Dead Sea Lions Prompt Investigation
   Rescuers Try To Save Dolphins
   Beached Dolphins Die at Cape Cod
   Center for Marine Conservation Announces Program ...