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Subject: Dolphin death toll tops 70 on

Dolphin death toll tops 70 on Cape Cod

    WELLFLEET, Mass., Feb 2 (Reuters) - Biologists were
gathering tissue and blood samples on Monday from the bodies of
71 dolphins that ran aground and died on Cape Cod beaches over
the weekend.
     "We still don't know why they beached themselves," said
Sue Knapp, a spokeswoman for the New England Aquarium which has
led recovery and rescue attempts. "We were able to herd back
out to sea between 16 and 18 dolphins."
     Cape Cod, Massachusetts, defiantly juts out into the
Atlantic and "has the most mass strandings of dolphins anywhere
in the world," Knapp said.
     The Atlantic white-sided dolphins, which range in size from
6 to 9 feet (two to three metres), roam the waters between
southern Greenland and northern Virginia, traveling in pods, or
herds, of up to 1,000 individuals. The species is not endangered
or threatened.
     The last major white-sided dolphin stranding was in 1995
when about 30 animals beached themselves on Cape Cod.