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Subject: Weather Change, Abnormal Curre

Weather Change, Abnormal Currents Blamed for ...

   HAIKOU (Feb. 5) XINHUA - Chinese marine mammal experts say
sudden weather change and abnormal ocean currents are responsible for
the stranding of grey whales and white dolphins on the shore of
southern China's Hainan Province.
   In the past few days, more than a dozen grey whales and white
dolphins have been stranded in shallow waters along the coast of
China's southern tip.
   Because of the whales' huge size, returning them to the deep sea
waters was difficult. Many of them died of hunger, but local people
successfully helped three stranded grey whales return to the sea.
   Marine experts said the whales' locator system malfunctioned
because of the sudden weather change.
   They said the dolphins also were affected by the abnormal ocean
currents. Though whales are stranded every year off Hainan, the
number is usually much smaller than this year, marine experts said.