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Subject: Shetland Sea Mammal Group Annual Report (fwd)

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The Shetland Sea Mammal Annual Report 1996 has recently been=20
published by The Shetland Sea Mammal Group.

The report includes:

- a systematic list of whales and dolphins sighted in 1996 (11=20
confirmed species)

- articles on the status of seals in Shetland:
the common seal; grey seal; vagrant seals

- detailed accounts of sightings of a Beluga Whale and Killer Whales

- a review of cetacean strandings from 1992.

The report includes colour plates of Beluga Whale, Killer Whales,=20
humpack whales and four species of vagrant seals. It is available from:

Howard Loates
Shetland Sea Mammal Group
Shetland, UK
ZE3 9JS Tel. 01950 460648

Annual Membership (Individual)=3D=A35-00 (five pounds sterling cash or cheq=
Overseas (Individual)=3D=A36-00 (six pounds Sterling cheque/Postal Order)

For individuals not wishing to join the Group, the report is=20
available for =A34-00 (UK residents) and =A35-00 (overseas). Please pay=20
cheques to the 'Shetland Sea Mammal Group'.

This summer the Group are promoting a Killer Whale Photo ID project=20
in collaboration with other cetacean research institutes, and will=20
hold a number of whale watching Open Days. If you are interested in=20
cetaceans then please support the Group by joining today.




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