Subject: Dr. Sylvia Earle at Simmons College

Karen A. Talentino (
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 09:46:55 +0100

Tuesday, March 3 at 7:00 P.M., Dr. Sylvia Earle will give the first of
two Lowell Lectures at Simmons College.  Called "Her Deepness" by the
New Yorker and the New York Times, Sylvia Earle is a marine biologist,
author and the 1998 National Geographic Society Explorer-in-Residence. 
Formerly the chief scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration, author of more than 100 scientific, technical and
popular publications (including the 1995 book, Sea Change), and leader
of more than 50 expeditions, she led the first team of women aquanauts
during the Tektite Project in 1970 and holds a depth of 1000 meters for
solo diving.
This is a free lecture, open to the public.  It will be held in the
third floor conference center in the Main College Building.  Call
617-521-2091 for information or directions.

Lowell Lecture #2 will be held on Tuesday, April 21, given by Gregory
STone, Director of Conservation at the New England Aquarium.  His talk
is entitled "Conflicts in the Ocean: Dolphins, Seals, Fish and People -
Who Wins?".  7:00-8:30 in the third floor conference center, Main
College Building.  

Funding for both lectures is through the Lowell Institute in Boston, MA.