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Subject: High Seas Stall Whale Rescue

High Seas Stall Whale Rescue

   HOBART, Australia (AP) -- Strong waves stalled attempts today to
rescue 35 sperm whales stranded on a beach in Australia.
   The pod is the second in less than three weeks to have become
stuck in the island state of Tasmania.
   The whales beached themselves today at Marrawah, on the
northwestern tip of Tasmania, state Parks and Wildlife Service
biologist Hans Wapstra said.
   High seas, whipped by winds gusting above 50 knots, made the
attempt too hazardous tonight, rangers said.
   Rangers will try to keep the whales comfortable on the beach
overnight in hopes a rescue operation can be mounted Friday, Coles
   Earlier this month, 65 sperm whales were stranded at Ocean
Beach, midway down Tasmania's west coast. Only three of them
survived after a huge rescue effort lasting several days.