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Subject: Norway opposes Ireland's whali

Norway opposes Ireland's whaling proposal

  TOKYO, Feb. 18 (Kyodo) -- The visiting Norwegian fisheries minister
Wednesday voiced Norway's strong opposition to Ireland's proposal to
allow commercial whaling in waters near whaling nations in exchange
for a ban on the operation in high seas.
   Norway and Japan opposed the proposal when it was discussed at a
meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) held in early
February to prepare for the commission's annual assembly in Oman in
May, Peter Angelsen said during an interview with Kyodo News.
   The February meeting took place in the Caribbean island nation of
Antigua and Barbuda.
   Ireland made the proposal in an attempt to reconcile long-standing
antagonism between whaling nations -- Norway and Japan -- and
countries opposing whaling, such as the United States.
   The proposal calls for allowing the two whaling nations to catch
minke whales in their respective 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic
zones, while requiring the countries to accept a ban on commercial
whaling in high seas.
   Angelsen said the IWC is unlikely to adopt the proposal at its May
meeting in view of opposition by not only Norway and Japan but also
antiwhaling nations.
   Angelsen also said Norway will set its minke whale catch quota at
750 for this year, some 200 more than last year.