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Subject: 3-6: MIMI for Landlubber '98

MIMI for Landlubbers '98

CLIMB ON BOARD as we embark on the Fourth Annual MIMI for Landlubbers
Project in conjunction with our study of the Voyage of the MIMI. We'll have
a whale of a time working together. The purpose of this Lower Merion School
District telecollaboration project is to enable 'land-locked' fans of the
'Voyage of the MIMI' multimedia program to vicariously join us when we
visit the actual sailing vessel MIMI and Captain Granvill (Peter Marston)
and to learn together more about its first scientific expedition studying
whales and the ocean.
Dates:   February through May, 1998
* To facilitate collaboration between classrooms of students studying the
first Voyage of the MIMI.
* To publish on the web site exhibits of student project work related to
the study of the Voyage of the MIMI curriculum.
* To provide a virtual field trip experience for partner classes when our
classes visit and board the MIMI at the MIMI Fest at Penn's Landing in
Philadelphia in April.
* To establish a dialog between partner classes related to their work on
the Voyage of the MIMI and the question/answer process related to the MIMI
Fest field trip.
Science, language arts, and others relating to specific activities and
exhibits developed by participating classes.
Grade levels:
3 to 6 (Host classes are 4th Grade)
Web Site:
There are two components to this year's MIMI for Landlubbers project. Your
class may participate in one or both -- as a virtual field trip partner on
our visit to the MIMI Fest in April (MIMI Fest Field Trip), or as a
contributor of an exhibit of student work related to the study of the
Voyage of the MIMI to be displayed on our web site (Web Exhibits of Student
Work). All participating classes in both components will compose
introductory messages to be posted on the web site indicating how the
Voyage of the MIMI curriculum is used in their classroom along with
information about their class, their school, and their community. Partner
classes for the MIMI Fest will exchange email prior to the MIMI Fest
including questions from the partner class which the host class will
attempt to answer during the field trip. Host classes will take photographs
and write summaries of their experiences at the MIMI Fest. Questions,
answers, photos, and summaries will be posted on the web site. Partner
classes may also develop a collaborative project related to their study of
the Voyage of the MIMI curriculum culminating in joint publication of an
exhibit on our web site <>.
Number of Participants:
12 to 20 partner classes for the MIMI Fest Field Trip component; up to 20
participating classes in the Web Exhibits component.
Project Coordinator:
Bill Dolton
Lower Merion School District
301 E. Montgomery Avenue
Ardmore, PA  19003
(610) 645-1902
How to register:
Registration must be completed on our web site
Email with any questions.

     Feb. 20

--Call for Collaboration Issued

--MIMI Fest field trip partnerships established as registrations are completed.

--MIMI Fest field trip email communication commences as soon as
partnerships are formed.

--Upon assignment of partners MIMI Fest field trip host classes should send
partner classes a list of activities they expect to attend at the MIMI Fest.

     Mar. 31

--Deadline for all class introductory messages to be posted on the project
web site (both project components -- MIMI Fest Field Trip and Voyage of the
MIMI Web Exhibits).

--Deadline for initial submission of questions for MIMI Fest Field Trip.

--Deadline for submission of initial Web Exhibit proposals and exhibit
partnership declarations.

     Apr. 6

--Lower Merion Schools (host classes) begin spring vacation.

     Apr. 10

--Approvals sent for proposals of Web Exhibits.

     Apr. 13

--Lower Merion Schools (host classes) back in session.

     Apr. 17

--Deadline for optional banner collaboration and materials submission from
MIMI Fest field trip partner classes.

     Apr. 20

--Progress reports due for Web Exhibits of Student Work.

     Apr. 21

--MIMI Fest field trips begin for Lower Merion schools.

     Apr. 24

--MIMI Fest field trips completed for Lower Merion schools.

     May 8

--All materials due for Web Exhibits of Student Work (including web pages
and images submitted as instructed).

--All MIMI Fest Field Trip reports due (including answers to questions,
activity reports, and photo submissions).

     May 20

--Target date for all web pages for both project components to be completed
and online for viewing.

     May 29

--Deadline for all project evaluations to be submitted.

We are looking forward to your participation!

**  Bill Dolton       Educational Technology Specialist  **
**  LOWER MERION SCHOOL DISTRICT   (610) 645-1902 voice  **
**  301 MONTGOMERY AVENUE            (610) 645-1909 fax  **
**  ARDMORE, PA 19003  **
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