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Subject: Canada-Seal Suit

Canada-Seal Suit

   TORONTO (AP) -- An environmental group said Thursday it is suing
the Canadian government to block its involvement in the export of
seal penises.
   The suit against Fisheries Minister David Anderson was filed by
the International Fund for Animal Welfare, which has been
campaigning for years to halt Canada's commercial seal hunt.
   Seal penises are particularly popular in Hong Kong, China and
Korea, where their testosterone content is believed to act as an
   "It is simply against the law in Canada to sell or import
testosterone unless you're a physician," said Clayton Ruby, the
animal rights group's lawyer.
   He said the suit demands an explanation from the government
within 20 days.
   "Very shortly after that, I can have them in court and I can
make a judge, I hope, order them to stop this vile, fraudulent and
illegal trade," Ruby said.
   The fisheries ministry said it had been advised of the suit but
would not comment on matters before the courts.