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Subject: SCS Web Site - Rescue/Rehabilitation and Species Data

Dear Marmamers

The Seal Conservation Society has created a new section on our
web site to cover the subject of pinniped rescue and
rehabilitation. The first page in the section is a list of
related organisations world-wide which has been placed at

The aim of the section will not only be to provide contact
details for those who find stranded pinnipeds but also to act as
an information exchange and resource for those within the field.
It is hoped therefore that eventually the section will grow to
include reports from organisations on the latest rescue and
rehabilitation techniques, case studies, news and research.

It would be much appreciated if those of you in the field of
pinniped rescue and rehabilitation could check your
organisation's details on the page and get in touch with any
amendments. I apologise to any organisations who I have missed
out of the list - please let me know of any omissions.

Some organisations already have web sites. For those who don't
the Society will provide web space for background information on
your organisation (a page or so) if you want to provide this. A
few lines of information, e.g. geographical coverage, species
dealt with, programs being run, can also be added to the entry
in the main list.

Separately, I am hoping shortly to expand the educational aspect
of the web site by including a page of information on each of
the pinniped species as well as pages on particular aspects of
pinniped biology, ecology and conservation. If anyone is able
to provide .gif or .jpg images of any of the species, or images
of particular aspects e.g. the effects of oil pollution or
entanglement then these would be gratefully received. Due
credit will be given for all images used on the site. If any
research scientists are also able to supply current information
on the numbers, distribution and status of species with which
they work then this information will allow me to keep the
species status details up to date.

The Society's web site, although in the early days yet, aims to
provide a useful and free resource for all those who are
interested in the conservation, study and welfare of pinnipeds.
All comments, suggestions and contributions are welcome.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance that you can provide.

My best wishes,

Peter Haddow

Seal Conservation Society
The Manse
United Kingdom AB41 7DS

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