Subject: Orca: "wolf of the sea" (fwd)

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Subject: Re: "wolf of the sea"

 You're right - the orca (or killer whale) is considered the wolf of the
sea. Orcas and wolves have many similar characteristics: they are both
dominant predators in their ecosystems, have stron social ties and social
systems, and both often hunt cooperatively.
Hope this answers your question,

On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, JCastor715 wrote:

> As a teacher doing a unit on whales and using the "Voyage of the Mimi" as our
> center of study, we have come across a question that none of the students or
> teachers are able to find an answer on.  The question is:Which whale is called
> the "wolf of the sea"?  Many of us assume it to be the killer whale, but one
> of our students disagrees.  He says it is the sperm, but none of us have been
> able to find a "real" answer.  Thanks for your help on this one.  Jan C.