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Subject: Dugong numbers falling

Dugong numbers falling

  Dugong numbers were estimated to have fallen from between
3,700-4,000 a decade ago to between 1,500-2,000 this year, dugong
expert and research fellow at James Cook University in Townsville,
Dr Tony Preen, said.
   Dr Preen was one of three dugong experts asked for advice by the
Endangered Species subcommittee.
   "We may never have a definitive figure for the number of dugongs
living south of Cooktown 10 years ago," he said.
   "But what is more alarming is the rapidity of the downward trend
in the population number.
   "If this was a problem affecting kangaroos, they could breed and
build up their numbers within a year or two.
   "But dugongs are slow-growing creatures and the attrition rate
will take at least a decade to reverse."