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Subject: Norway duty free shop skirts w

Norway duty free shop skirts whale meat export ban

    OSLO, May 4 (Reuters) - Whale "beef" and sausages are
openly on sale in a duty-free shop at Oslo airport despite
Norway's self-imposed ban on exports of whale meat.
     Norway, which resumed commercial whaling in 1993 in defiance
of a worldwide moratorium, has constantly insisted that whaling
is part of deep-rooted coastal traditions and that it has no
plans for exports.
     Yet whale sausages and meat were on sale on Monday at a shop
in the departure lounge at Oslo airport. Dried "whale beef" in
slices sells for 450 crowns ($60) per kilo.
     Officials at the Norwegian Fisheries Ministry, which has
turned down whalers' requests to export minke whale products
ranging from meat and blubber to skeletons for museums, said
they were unaware of the airport sales.
     "Our policy is to turn down every request for export
permits," Halvard Johansen, a director of the Fisheries
Ministry with responsibility for whaling, told Reuters. "We
have not granted any export licences."
     In any case it is illegal to import whale meat into many
countries. Owners of the shop at Oslo airport could not be
immediately contacted for comment.
     Norwegian whalers began their 1998 hunt at the weekend, with
a quota of 671 minke whales.
  ($ - 7.3888 crowns)