Subject: IWC: Greenland whaling quota seen u (fwd)

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Subject: Greenland whaling quota seen u

Greenland whaling quota seen unchallenged at IWC

    COPENHAGEN, May 14 (Reuters) - Greenland's whale catch quota
of slightly over 200 per year is unlikely to be a hot topic at
the International Whaling Commission's (IWC) annual meeting,
Denmark's Ritzau news agency reported on Thursday.
     The IWC meeting will be held in Oman from May 16-20.
     "The Danish-Greenland delegation does not expect Greenland
to be a topic for debate this year," the agency said.
     Greenland is an autonomous province under the Danish crown.
Its annual catch quota -- set under special rules for indigenous
peoples -- was set for many years ahead at last year's IWC
     The whaling season is currently in full swing in the Arctic
waters around Greenland and Norway.
     The independently fixed Norwegian catch quota of 671 whales
this year was well below one percent of the North Atlantic whale
population, Ritzau quoted a Danish delegation member as saying.
     Denmark had no objections to the whaling activities of
Norway, the delegation member said. Norway sets its own catch
quota in defiance of an international moratorium.
     Denmark was positive about an Irish proposal to limit
whaling for scientific purposes while allowing commercial
catches only inside a 200 nautical mile offshore limit, it said.