Subject: Data Sumary Seal Casino location (fwd)

mike williamson (
Thu, 28 May 1998 09:22:37 -0400 (EDT)

Only one location from today, basically in the same spot as previous
(actually only three hours difference).  Still puts him about ten to
fifteen miles off the west coast of Nova Scotia.   It looks like he made a
bee line across the Gulf of Maine, but stopped short when he hit the
shallow water at the coast.  He appears to be hanging around the 40-60
meter depth in pretty much the same place.  I'll send some dive data along,
but it looks like he was spending much of his time at this depth even on
the trip across.  If this just isn't my selective memory working, it might
indicate that he is preferring this depth (for feeding would be the logical



27583  Date : 26.05.98 10:32:11  LC : B  IQ : 00 Lat1 : 43.492N  Lon1 :
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