Subject: Entanglement: HBW off Monomoy (fwd)

mike williamson (
Fri, 29 May 1998 07:42:30 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: Re:HBW off Monomoy
Author:  Kimberly Thounhurst at ~NMFS-NERO
Date:    5/28/98 11:52 AM

Event update:
The entanglement was reported by a Chatham fisherman, who stood by until the 
USCG Chatham arrived to take over.  The whale was free-swimming, traveling to 
the southeast at about 3 knots.  The original report described a line one the 
right lobe of the flukes with a buoy trailing.
Because the whale traveled so far, the USCG Chatham had to switch off to USCG 
Brant Point (Nantucket), who were able to stand by until CCS arrived.  CCS came 
out from Provincetown on their new 25' research vessel and freed the whale just 
before 1800.  The whale had traveled to about 20-25 miles southeast of 
Nantucket.  As this is a considerable distance from the location of the original
report, this event highlights the importance of the fishing vessel and the USCG 
in standing by until the team can get there.  Without this support, this 
disentanglement would probably not have been possible, particularly since the 
report did not come in until the afternoon.
CCS was able to retrieve the gear, which had identification on the buoy.  We 
will be contacting the fisherman to attempt to determine when he lost the gear. 
The gear appears to be single (rectangular) trap gear.
The whale was a young humpback, probably a 2-year-old.  CCS obtained photographs
which should provide identification.  There were some fresh lacerations on the 
flukes associated with this entanglement, fresh lacerations on the tail stock, 
and a possible old scar around the body near the flippers.
The event was covered by the CAPE COD TIMES and BOSTON GLOBE.  There may be 
further coverage as they are meeting with media this morning.
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Subject:    HBW off Monomoy
Author: Kimberly Thounhurst
Date:       5/27/98 2:34 PM
The Center for Coastal Studies called at 1251 with a report of an entangled 
whale (probable humpback) off Monomoy.  The USCG Chatham is sending a small boat
to assess the situation and stand by until CCS gets there.  CCS left the dock in
P-town about 10-15 minutes ago.  All we know about the entanglement so far is 
that it is supposedly a simple entanglement with line on the tail.