Subject: Entanglement: report Wells/Moody (fwd)

mike williamson (
Fri, 29 May 1998 19:01:20 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: Re:Ent. report Wells/Moody

We had people searching from land and sea last night with no sightings of any
kind of entangled animal.  The USCG (?Portsmouth?) scoured the inshore waters in
the area and Glenn searched from land.  NEA sent a volunteer to the scene, but I
haven't heard what he saw other than that there was no entangled animal seen. 
No further word today.

Glenn reports that there were a lot of lobster pot buoys in the area and a fair
number of seals.  There is also a ledge which could have been mistaken for a
whale.  Bob is attempting to contact the individual who first called the report
in to the Wells Police.  They had four separate calls that described what could
have been a whale, but we don't have any confirmation at this point.

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Subject:    Ent. report Wells/Moody
Author: Kimberly Thounhurst
Date:       5/28/98 6:17 PM

This afternoon we received a report of an entangled whale off Moody Beach, near
Wells, Maine.  The report came to the Wells Police Dept. via New England

There have not been any sightings since 1705.  "CCS Maine" is coordinating the
assessment response up there.  We have several parties attempting to locate the
animal, confirm the species, and assess the entanglement.  The USCG has sent a
vessel out from South Portland and hopefully Bob Bowman will be able to contact
several of our newly trained Level One fishermen in the area to help search
today and/or tomorrow.  

We are not expecting that disentanglement will be possible today due to the late
hour and transit times.  We will be asking everyone to keep an eye out tomorrow.

The report was of a black whale with a dorsal fin, so it doesn't sound like a
right whale, but we are not certain it is any kind of whale at this point.