Subject: Shark attacks on Tursiops? (fwd)

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Subject: Shark attacks on Tursiops?

Dear Marmammers,

On 21 June 1998, we rescued a female, approximately 250cm, Tursiops
truncatus from the Indian River Lagoon system in Melbourne Beach, FL. The
animal had a large, 23.5cmX23.0cmX4.0cm, shark bite out of the dorsal
surface, just cranial of the dorsal fin. The area of trauma spanned onto
both right and left lateral surfaces. The animal also had severe bites on
the ventral side, just left of the genital area. Despite the severity of
the injuries, the animal was still alive, and fairly cognizant.

What makes this even more bizarre is the fact that this happened in the
river, almost 5-6miles from the nearest inlet.

The animal was transported to Marineland of Florida where the bite was
thought to be that of a Tiger shark, and according to bite diameter, a
2.5-3.0m animal. The animal, died approximately 12 hours later under
constant supervision of animal care staff.

Does anyone know of any other documented evidence of such an event?

I am aware of (Wells 1991) stating that over 22% of animals temporarily
captured in Sarasota Bay, FL,  had scarring from shark attacks as

Also, (Conner and Smolker 1985) have documented evidence, videotaped by
tourists,  of a Tiger shark attacking and killing a four-month-old infant
dolphin in the 'Monkey Mia' shallows of Shark Bay.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Jamison M. Smith
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Florida Marine Research Institute
1220 Prospect Ave. Suite 285 Melbourne, FL 32901

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